Germany Just Banned Pork. Take A Wild Guess Why They Did It.

German liberals are still bending over backward to appease Muslim refugees. Salzburg has gone so far that it wouldn’t be surprising if the mayor starts advocating for forced conversions. Pork is now banned at multiple city-run schools.

Breitbart reports:

“The office of the Social Democratic Party (SPÖ) deputy mayor Anja Hagenaue confirmed the accusations saying that while there was no official order given by the left wing government, the ban had been in place for around five years. Ms. Hagenaue added the children preferred chicken and carrots to pork.”

Really? Arguing that schoolchildren don’t like pork is quite a stretch. U.S. markets are saturated with bacon-flavored products, with everything from chapstick to candles being sold. Austrian stores have less variety but pork is still heavily featured in local cuisine.

Students who desire pork-free meals should bring their own lunches or work out an agreement with their schools. It’s not unreasonable for a school to expand its lunchroom options but students shouldn’t have to suffer because another child’s family has different beliefs.

“ServusTV…questioned the parents of children attending kindergartens in Salzburg. They told the channel they rejected the fact pork was excluded and the channel commissioned a nationwide survey that showed 78 percent of Austrians thought pork should be included in all kindergartens.”

Once a society starts capitulating to Islam’s demands, it’s already on the road to ruin. Now, the kids can’t eat pork. Next, boys and girls will have to be kept apart because otherwise Muslim parents will be dissatisfied.

Austria was initially reluctant to accept migrants, and Salzburg’s policy demonstrates why. Already locals are being asked to stifle their desire in order to make the migrants happy. Whether or not students are fed pork at school might seem like a minor issue, but the government, once encouraged, is unlikely to stop implementing more restrictions.

(Source: Breitbart)