George Washington’s Church Caves To Whiny Snowflakes… Is Nothing Sacred?

I thought liberals would be tired of tearing down statues by now. It’s old news, yesterday’s Facebook story.

I underestimated their petulance.

Apparently, there are hordes of people walking around capable of being seriously “offended” by a statue or monument. They believe that it’s reasonable to destroy remnants of history so they don’t have to experience the pain of glancing upon a statue.

It’s becoming ridiculous.

Christ Church in Virginia has a unique claim to fame- founding father George Washington was one of the original members. Instead of being allowed to relish their history, church officials have been bullied into a removing a memorial plaque honoring the former president.

A plaque honoring divisive Confederate leader Robert E. Lee was also removed.

“The plaques in our sanctuary make some in our presence feel unsafe or unwelcome,” the church leaders said. “Some visitors and guests who worship with us choose not to return because they receive an unintended message from the prominent presence of the plaques.”

The left’s attempt to whitewash history should fail, deserves to fail. America was built on the backs of slaves, of indentured servants, of people who were treated like animals. Understanding that allows us to celebrate how far we’ve come.

Hundreds of years from now human beings will probably marvel at barbaric 2017 was. Should relics of our time also be destroyed?

The Christ Church plaques are going to be removed from their prominent display, but Rev. Noelle York-Simmons explained that they wouldn’t be tossed.

“The new display location will be determined by a parish committee,” York-Simmons said. “That location will provide a place for our parish to offer a fuller narrative of our rich history, including the influence of these two powerful men on our church and our country.”

(Source: Daily Caller)