George W Bush Turns On Cheney And Rumsfeld In Expletive-Laden Rant – New Report

Former President George Bush Jr. has dragged himself out of retirement to blast former members of his administration.

In a book scheduled to be released later this month, Bush bemoans the rumor that he let himself be ruled by his staff. He’s particularly irate about the claims involving former Vice President Dick Cheney and Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfield.

“They ‘didn’t make one f****** decision,’” Bush claimed. “The fact that there was any doubt in anyone’s mind about who the president was, blows my mind.”

Bush spent years in quiet retirement, barely uttering a peep during the entire eight years that Barack Obama was in office. Everybody is “woke” now, however, so it’s not too surprising that Bush is jumping on the anti-Trump media bandwagon.

President Trump didn’t escape Bush’s wrath. He attacked the commander in chief as a “blowhard” and accused him of bringing about the destruction of the Republican party.

If Republicans are going to topple, let them fall. The party is stuffed with establishment hacks who don’t represent the values of real conservatives. Bush calls himself one of the country’s last Republicans. Some would say his presidency is when the party began to fall apart.

“Anyone who knows the 43rd president would find that notion of anyone making decisions in his White House absolutely ludicrous,” historian Mark K. Updegrove told The Hill.

“George W. Bush took exception to those who believed that Dick Cheney, in particular, was calling the shots in the White House. That Dick Cheney was this Machiavellian puppet master of George W. Bush. Anyone who knows George W. Bush knows that he has this reflexive ease in decision-making.”

Bush seems to be trying to repair his legacy.

(Source: The HillBreitbart)