Gays Forced Her Family Business To Close, Her Classy Response Had Me Cheering!

If there’s one thing to know about liberals, it’s that any time in recent history when someone stands up for equal rights, what they really mean is “special treatment” and instead of tolerance, they want acceptance and participation, with non-compliance ending with a lawsuit. One such situation is the not-at-all unique case of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, a bakery in Oregon that was forced to close after being fined a total of $135,000 in “emotional damages” because they chose not to cater a gay wedding due to their faith.

Now, I’m not sure what kind of emotional distress this gay couple were subject to, but if you’re that emotionally compromised after someone tells you that they don’t want to bake you a cake, then I have news for you – life gets way harder. Just imagine what happens when a waiter gets their order wrong – they must pass out due to the sheer shock.

Melissa Klein, co-owner of the bakery, after being subject to closing of her livelihood, took to Facebook to express her outrage at the gay liberals that made her close her family business – except she wasn’t outraged at all. Her response was that of a good Christian that understands and lives by the phrase “turn the other cheek”. Here is the post:




The text reads:

To every single homosexual out there. I would drop everything if you needed me, I would open my home if you needed a place to stay, I would provide a warm meal if you needed food. Or better yet take you grocery shopping and fill your cupboards full, I would protect you if someone was trying to hurt you, if you needed clothes I would take you shopping, if you needed a shoulder to cry on I would be there for you, and if you were dying and needed care I would care for you. I could go on with more things that I would do for you. So you see just because I won’t participate in an event doesn’t mean I won’t provide compassion and love for you. I too struggle with sin as does everyone. But the beautiful thing is is that Christ was sent to redeem us from our sins, to free us of them. When we truly surrender our life to Christ the most amazing things happen.

What a classy response and I hope it brings more people closer to Christ. I’ll be praying for Melissa and her family to get back on their feet after this ordeal.