Gang Of Muslim Refugees Attack Trucker But Don’t Expect To Get 18 Wheels Of INSTANT JUSTICE

Welcome to 2017, where the only truth you’ll see is from firsthand accounts on YouTube, because the mainstream media’s narrative is not only fake, but it’s damaging to the world.

This Hungarian trucker took it upon himself to capture on video the reality of what it’s like having his, and other trucks, get terrorized by young Islamic refugees on a drive between France and Great Britain.

While the trucker uses colorful language to express his frustration, you’ll notice that the police, tasked to protect and serve the people, sit there and do nothing, likely because they don’t want to be seen as being racist of insensitive.

Notice how every single refugee in this video is a young, able bodied male.

Not only does this fly in the face of the liberal narrative that every refugee is a poor defenseless soul in need of a helping hand, but it exposes the truth that if we have unfettered immigration, we too will have literal gangs of un-policed youths committing crimes and creating a burden on our society.

Get the word out that this is exactly who is infiltrating Europe and, if the liberals have their way, the United States of America.

We need to be ever-vigilant of this threat. Liberals want to welcome them with open arms, but have no idea that this is the reality, and by the time they figure this out, they will either be too deep into their ideology to notice it, or they will succumb to the whims and will of their captors.

In any case, we need to look out for ourselves and make sure that the people coming into our country will integrate into our society and culture, be we literally cannot afford the alternative.

(Source: YouTube)