Fox News Reporter Gets REAL On The TRUTH About Hillary That EVERY American NEEDS To Hear!

We’re living in a time when our country is going down the tubes because of the Liberals and their policies. We know it, you know it, and political pundits know it too.

Tucker Carlson has been a staunch supporter of the truth moreso than any Democratic candidate, and I’d be willing to put money on the fact that he’s for Donald Trump. What he just did to warn our nation about Hillary and how she would change this country’s future is something that every single American, Liberal or otherwise, needs to hear.


He’s spot on here.

“This is a pivot point in American history. If Hillary is elected – everyone is focused on her deficits as a person. The truth is it’s her policies. She’s going to open the borders, pack the Supreme Court and you are not going to have the same country. Maybe you like that, maybe you don’t. But we’re not going back to the status quo, period. And so Republicans need to understand if Trump loses, it is a new America, OK? A lot is on the line, whether you like him or not. That is real.”

The reality is that Trump is not in the good graces of every Republican, that’s a fact. However, those Republicans who are not fully on board need to ask themselves a simple question: would you rather have a clean slate president who can be molded into a tremendous leader and has new policy ideas (Trump), or one that will further bankrupt the middle class, look out for special interests who are in her pockets, and will continue the Liberal agenda that’s put our country at the “average” category on nearly every level?

I think that’s a pretty easy one to answer.

(Source: Twitter)