Fox News Host UNLOADED On Congress For Taking 7-WEEK Vacation While America Is Left In RUINS

POP QUIZ. True or false: Do you get to take a break when your work isn’t done? Does your boss let you go and say, “Yea no sweat! I’ll be here 7 weeks later!” I didn’t think so.

You work hard, we work hard, and the whole country works hard.

Well, the whole country except for Congress. As they do every year, they are taking 7 weeks off this summer on the taxpayer dime and that had Greta Van Susteren quite legitimately pissed the hell off, as we all should be.

Why would they take the break? Oh, that’s right, because there’s a litany of things they haven’t done and didn’t want to get done on time including immigration reform, so they just left it.

Greta, let ’em have it!

In her “Off the Record” commentary tonight, Greta Van Susteren slammed members of the House and Senate for taking a seven-week, taxpayer-funded vacation.

“They call it a ‘recess.’ I’m not that stupid and neither are you,” Greta said. “It’s a vacation, seven weeks, paid for by you.”

She noted that members of Congress are taking this lengthy break despite the fact that they have failed to accomplish anything with immigration reform, ObamaCare or simplifying the tax code.

“Adding to this, the media excuses this seven-week, paid vacation with the pathetic ‘that’s how it is always done,'” Greta said. “Really? That makes it OK?”

“You should take a vacation only when you have earned it, not when you’re trying to pull a fast one on the American people.”

Is it any wonder why job number one for Donald Trump is to reform the government?

(Source: Fox News)