Fox News Fires Reporter After His Sister Speaks Out About O’Reilly

Bill O’Reilly is still embarrassing Fox News. Fresh reports of the former pundits’ sexual peccadilloes exploded onto the media this week. The network reacted defensively, launching attacks on anyone who dared to insult their fallen superstar.

Fox News works fast. Within hours of former employee Juliet Huddy’s appearance on Megyn Kelly Today, her brother John was fired from the network. Juliet appeared with her lawyer and complained bitterly about O’Reilly’s sexual harassment.

Juliet previously received a settlement from O’Reilly, so it’s hard to believe that her claims her baseless. Yet that didn’t stop Fox executives from immediately exacting revenge. Her brother John had been at his post with the network since 2017 before he was unceremoniously dropped.

Kelly herself joined in on the attacks against O’Reilly. Her new cushy position at NBC protects her from having to feel Fox’s wrath.

“At Fox News, the media relations chief Irena Briganti is known for her vindictiveness. To this day, she pushes negative articles on certain Ailes accuser, like the one you’re looking at now,” Kelly claimed.

“It gives me no pleasure to report such news about my former employer which has absolutely made some reforms since all of this went down. But this must stop. The abuse of women, the shaming of them, the threatening, the retaliation. The silencing of them after-the-fact. It has to stop.”

Hollywood’s scorned women are coming out in droves. Sexual assault allegations are no longer being buried under the table, but openly discussed and canvassed. Women have power now, and won’t allow their rights to be stomped on.

(Source: Daily Mail)