Former U.S. Vice President Hops On Board The Trump Train! Who It Is…WOW!

Well wonders never cease.

I never thought I’d see the day where a GOP legend would break rank quite like this. Dan Quayle, for those who don’t know who he is, though you should, Was Vice President under President George H.W. Bush. He was a fantastic VP and one, to this day, is revered throughout the Republican Party. He’s always been a Republican through and through and supports the nominee like a normal person should.

He recently went on Liberal media outlet NBC to talk about Trump being the nominee and how he plans to support him. This is something EVER Republican should see.

Now that is how a true Republican should act.

Former Vice President Dan Quayle, who served as vice president under President George H.W. Bush, broke away from the Bush family’s stance on Donald Trump Thursday, saying the presumptive GOP nominee has his full backing, and he expects that most people in his party will eventually rally around Trump as well.

“I’ve been a Republican all my life, I’m going to support the nominee,” Quayle told NBC “Today” show host Matt Lauer. “I predict that most people in my position, or people that have been in the Republican Party for a long time, will rally around the nominee.”

Quayle said Trump is “unusual,” but he still believes the one-time reality TV star and New York real estate mogul has both the capability and the instincts to be president.

“He’s a winner,” said Quayle. “He’s unusual. He’s obviously very different and he’s not going to play by the rules. It’s a different situation, but I think that he can win.”

He also weighed in on the question of who Trump will pick as his vice president, and said he recommends Ohio GOP Sen. Rob Portman, who he called a “man of stature, structure.”

A name we haven’t heard before for Trump’s VP pick, but it certainly seems like a smart one. We support Trump and Former VP Mr. Dan Quayle in this realm. Great pick!

(Source: Newsmax)