Former FBI Agents Just Threw James Comey Under The Bus For Stabbing America In The Back

The President finally did something that should make both sides of the political isle happy when he fired FBI Director James Comey, since pretty much everybody wants to blame Comey for something.

Some Democrats are still finding reasons to complain, but not any of the former FBI agents. Fox New’s Martha MacCallum spoke with several former high-ranking FBI officials about President Trump’s decision to remove Comey.

Via Daily Caller:

James Kallstrom, former FBI Assistant Director, said he is “glad it happened.”

“…Way back almost a year ago [Comey] kinda forgot he was the FBI director,” Kallstrom explained, going into Comey’s apparent mistakes in handling the investigation of Hillary Clinton.

“…So he made a lot of mistakes. I think basically he’s a good guy [but] he was lacking common sense.”

former Assistant Director, Bill Gavin, said he “feel[s] badly for [Comey]” but said, “it’s something that had to happen.”

“Jim Comey is a bright guy, he’s an ethical guy, but the bottom line is, when he made a prosecutive [sic] opinion in an investigative matter he made a mistake,” Gavin asserted.

“We all make mistakes in life, this was a big one.”

It would be nice to think that whatever mistakes that were made by officials in government were all honest mistakes, but unfortunately there’s a lot of shady business that’s been going on for far too long in Washington.

Thankfully, President Trump doesn’t need anybody’s dirty money or to gain favor with anyone other than the long overlooked middle class. He’s going to be cleaning house for a while to fix what Obama broke, but at least he’s getting some traction by starting with Comey.

(Source: Daily Caller)