Forget Maxine Waters, This California Congressman Is The Dumbest Politician Alive Today

For those of you that don’t know who California Congressman Mark Desaulnier is, here’s a little story to show you his logical, level-headed thinking. Desaulnier, an elected official, thinks Donald Trump is more dangerous than ISIS.

While it seems like the world is imploding for some liberals, the numbers paint a different story. Job growth is up, the economy is booming, and rates of illegal immigration are falling quite sharply.

Donald Trump is not without flaws and faults –  no politician is – but Democrats like Desaulnier are only making things worse for all of America. Case in point, he just told an 11 year old girl that Donald Trump, a democratically elected President, is worse than the barbaric Islamic State.


According to Right Wing News:

She said to him, “My name is Eden, and I’m 11 years old. My mom is worried about my future with President Trump,” read the question, according to a report by the East Bay Times. “On election night, my mom cried. Kids at my school are worrying about being deported. I’ve read and heard awful things about him. Should I be worried about my future? As a kid, what can I do about it?”

His response? The usual Democrat hyperbolic fright talk. He said “From the mouths of babes. I think you should be concerned. This is dangerous stuff. I’ve said a few times: The most dangerous person in America isn’t a terrorist, it’s the person who’s president of the United States. So, Eden, you’ve got to read, you have to be thoughtful, and you have to be engaged.”

This is of course, someone who did not attend the inauguration.

The reasoning behind trying to brainwash an impressionable 11 year old who had a valid question is beyond me. What could you possibly gain politically by saying this to someone so young? I’m not sure, but this is unconscionable.

The left truly needs to wake up. Like I said above, Donald Trump has flaws and has faults (foreign policy is a big one that needs to be addressed quickly), but we need to come together and reach across the damn isle for anything to get done.

The Republicans have the majority in every part of the government, but the Democrats still have power to stop things from happening. The message to the left is clear: either stop with the anti-Trump propaganda or just don’t even speak. It’s more productive.