Forget Concussions… This Is The Worst Football Injury. You CAN’T Unsee This

While the NFL kneel down protests have died down a little in recent weeks, the league is still reeling as viewership is declining. On top of that, in the background is the other major controversy, concussions, which is still a major issue that has the power to significantly hurt the league in a myriad of ways. The deluge of head injuries has continued this season, putting the spotlight back on the severe damage the sport does to athletes’ brains.

But that damage isn’t limited to the head, as major leg injuries are still a huge problem as well, especially when it’s star players getting hurt. The latest shocking leg injury occurred on Sunday, and it’s far worse than season-ending.

As reported at the Daily Mail, Chicago Bears tight end Zach Miller had emergency surgery in order to save the left leg he injured on Sunday night. The injury was initially labeled a gruesome knee dislocation, but upon closer examination at the hospital, doctors realized it was far more serious than it initially appeared.

Miller required immediate surgery aimed at repairing a damaged artery in his leg, and it required tissue from his other leg to complete.

The 33-year old was attempting to make a 25-yard touchdown catch when his leg was twisted in an incredibly unnatural way, resulting in the horrific injury. Initially resulting in a touchdown, the play was overturned, as is was ruled he didn’t maintain possession of the ball as he crashed to the turf.

But he had a good excuse, as it appeared he only lost control as he reacted to the unimaginable pain from his injury. The video of the play is all over the web, but it’s not for the faint of heart, as it will have you wincing in pain along with him.

Miller was treated on the field for several minutes before being carted off and sent to a hospital. “He’ll be in our thoughts and prayers on our flight home,” Bears coach John Fox said

It’s a tremendous loss,” Bears running back Tarik Cohen said. “He always gets us fired up and knows exactly what to say. We have to find ways to keep moving forward.”

The Bears injury woes don’t stop with Miller, however. The team is also down two offensive linemen, which will only put more pressure on their young quarterback, who will be without his first string safety net at tight end. Needless to say, everyone hopes Miller will make a full recovery and return to the field next season. But as it stands, he was very unlucky to suffer the injury, but fortunate that doctors were able to save his leg in the end.

Source: Daily Mail