After Federal Judge Rules Against Trump’s Travel Ban, Another Judge Instantly Steps In

If there’s one thing you can count on in the political world, it’s that leftists judges will always take the law into their own hands. It’s a failsafe that the Left enjoys, the ability to thwart conservative reforms, even if when they’re passed in a democratic fashion and represent the will of the people.

It doesn’t matter if Republicans control Congress or the White House, all it takes is a single judge in most cases to put a stop to the policy.

As reported at the New York Post, another liberal federal judge has stopped the latest version of Trump’s travel ban from being implemented. US District Judge Theodore Chuang was the first to rule against several elements of the law earlier this year, saying that the president’s words during the campaign season and on Twitter prove that the restrictions he set discriminate against Muslims.

But another judge from Hawaii, an Obama appointee, is going even further, trying to halt the ban entirely.

Judge Derrick Watson of the US District Court for the District of Hawaii, once again blocked an attempt by President Donald Trump to reinstitute an executive order banning travel from certain countries Tuesday.

He issued a temporary restraining order that halts enforcement of the ban, which restricted travel from 6-majority Muslim nations that are prone to Islamic radicalism. According to the liberal Watson, the Immigration and Nationality Act’s prohibition on national origin discrimination is enough to strike Trump’s order down.

Rather than cite constitutional law or legal precedent, this clown of a judge mentioned the supposedly mean and discriminatory things Trump has said about Muslims. He also said that the President ‘has never renounced or repudiated his calls for a ban on Muslim immigration,‘” which is apparently part of his reasoning to stand against it. Apologize or else! I guess.

It’s repulsive how leftists sully our nation’s laws. They make their decisions based on their feelings, rather than providing constitutional justification for them, just as Watson has done repeatedly on this issue. 

It’s interesting, I wonder if conservative Christians can start using that argument whenever a law is passed that negatively affects them. They could say so and so’s history of trashing all things Christian is proof they’re trying to discriminate against them. It seems to work in the case of everyone else.

The travel ban has been revised time and again, and is simply a common sense measure to protect the nation. There’s no legal justification for striking it down, but that’s not going to stop the Left. They’re in full blown “resistance” mode to Trump and will use any means necessary to oppose him. Even if that means trampling over the basic logic and the constitution to do so.

Source: New York Post