Father’s Son Was Killed By An Illegal Immigrant. His Message To Democrats: I Blame You.

Jamiel Shaw Sr., the father of a son who was killed by an illegal immigrant was a guest last night at President Trump’s first speech to Congress. The address was masterful and even some Democrats were on board with Trump at certain points. But, showing their true colors, the disrespectful and awful Dems booed Shaw Sr. and even gave him the thumbs down.

Donald Trump highlighted Shaw’s story in his address last night, framing the issue of illegal immigration around safety. Shaw was asked about in on Fox & Friends and here is what he said:

Ouch. Democrats had better learn that stories like these, resonate. So when Nancy Pelosi says something like this…

…it reveals the Democrats are truly clueless about what people think and what the American people actually want when it comes to illegal immigration. Share this everywhere. Show how classless the DemoBRATS truly are.

H/T – thegatewaypundit.com