EXPOSED: Psychologist Reveals That Obama Secretly Wants ISIS To DESTROY America!

This is absolutely insane, though it’s not entirely shocking as we know Obama doesn’t really care about the American people.

He has become so complacent to any attack ISIS puts forward that he’s become numb. So says a forensic profiler. Obama has gone on record time and time again saying that ISIS is our #1 priority overseas and that they must be stopped. He even said that we upped airstrikes in the area, though we know those largely do nothing. Now, we have forensic expert Andrew G. hodges thinks that he’s submissive to ISIS.


Hodges’ previous projects include the double-murder case against O.J. Simpson and the Natalie Holloway disappearance. The author of “The Obama Confession: Secret Fear. Secret Fury” and a new book, “As Done Unto You,” about the Amanda Knox case, previously was assistant clinical professor psychiatry at the University of Alabama School of Medicine.

He explains that Obama is confessing to enabling ISIS.

“America’s current president is leading us ever so certainly into a worsening crisis that will encourage future attacks by ISIS. In order to learn why, we must appreciate two basic subconscious mechanisms – denial and projection – and Barack Obama’s own unconscious mind will take us to the heart of who he is and reveal his deepest motivations regarding the Islamic State.”

He also thinks that Obama believe ISIS is not a real threat and isn’t dangerous at all.

“Obama’s basic denial – ‘ISIS is not dangerous’ – means he can’t consciously grasp the threat. First, his subconscious admits it has a powerful blind spot about ISIS and must block out its destructiveness. Second, another part of his unconscious – the brilliant super intelligence – teaches us to read through denial to see past that blind spot. This super-intel selects the key images Obama uses in his denials, key images which reveal the truth. Don’t overlook Obama’s image, the big idea he must deny in his own words – ‘ISIS is dangerous.’”
If this isn’t proof we need him out before 2017, I don’t really know what is.
(Source: WND)