EXPOSED: Obama Won’t Check ANY Syrian Refugees! Watch Before It’s Taken Down!

Well now, I feel like this is something that all the refugee loving liberals should see in it’s entirety.

Last week, a story got swept under the rug by the liberal media as no one really heard about it. Why not? Because they didn’t want this to get out and for everyone to know the truth behind our refugee vetting process. The Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Screening Coordination in the Department of Homeland Security is Kelli Ann Burriesci.

She is charged with protecting the American people by vetting all refugees and keeping tabs on them going in and out of our country. She went in front of a joint subcommittee to answer questions about terrorism and the U.S Visa Waiver Program. Her answers are shocking because there weren’t any at all!

Listen below to the complete and utter lack of knowledge this woman lacks.

This is who Obama puts in charge of refugees. He doesn’t care at all, neither does this woman, and it’s putting us all in danger. How is it humanly possible to hold a job like this and know nothing about what you do?

Oh wait, that’s exactly what Obama does anyway with the presidency. Share this with every American you know! If we’re going to be put at risk by these people, we have a right to know what we’re up against.

(Source: YouTube)