EXPOSED: Obama Official BRAGS About Taking Advantage Of Veterans! It’s TREASON!

Chalk up another disgusting, inhumane loss for Obama and his cronies.

This time it’s about our vets. Our vets should be out #1 priority when it comes to who to take care of in this country. They were employed by the government to fight for our freedoms against those who want America destroyed. The Obama administration has routinely gone out of it’s way to screw over nearly all vets in many many different ways. And now they’ve found a new one.

According to a hidden camera video (posted below), we see government employees laughing and bragging about how they took back land from our veterans. This is what happens when Obama appoints questionable people to the head of the VA – they cease to give a crap about the people keeping this country safe.

This is sickening on the highest level.

I cannot believe this! Get the word out there and share this everywhere before it’s taken down! We must show that we will not stand for this kind of behavior.

(Source: YouTube)