EXPOSED: Obama Gave Muslim World Leaders $500 Million To Build Border Wall

If this isn’t the biggest bit of two faced politics, I don’t know of it and I’m pretty sure no one else can either.

Obama is famous for his horrible foreign policy decisions. Actually, nix that, he’s famous for all of his decisions as they’ve lead us from bad to worse on so many levels. he’s even gone back on his word and his campaign promises more times than I care to count. Here’s a video of only a few of his campaign promises that he didn’t keep.

So imagine our surprise when we learn that Obama, who has been SOOOOO vocal in opposition to Trump’s border wall policy, is helping another country build a border wall.

Yes. And it’s for the same reason Trump wants to build one. Just Washington politics at its finest right here.

This is by far an away the biggest nugget of Hypocrisy I’ve ever seen. With Washington and Obama operating like this, it’s not surprising that Trump is so popular.

See the original video here…