EXPOSED: Hillary Spoke Out AGAINST Islam And Now She Wants This Video GONE!

There are a few certainties in life: paying taxes, death, losing money in Vegas, and Hillary Clinton lying. And this one could be her biggest one yet.

As soon as Donald Trump proclaimed we needed a ban on all muslim immigrants until we can “figure out what’s going on” liberals, especially Clinton, we bananas and called him a bigot and a racist and someone that couldn’t be president. Well you’ll never guess who once supported a ban on Muslims and also supported profiling of Muslims following 9/11.

Here is an interview she did with ABC’s Sam Donaldson proving that she supported profiling of muslims after the terror attacks:

Hillary, once again you’ve shown your deceit and underhanded nature. You are a disgraceful human being. Her support should completely tank nationwide when the country sees this. Spread this everywhere! People should know that they’re voting for a pathological liar.

(Source: WND)