EXPOSED: Here’s Why Liberals Don’t Report On ISIS. This Is INSANE!

This is something we cannot have happening at the highest level of intelligence agencies in this country.

According to a new report, intelligence officials have apparently been softening the blow when it comes to reports on ISIS from the field and they’re not the only ones.

Liberals news agencies are actively suppressing the stories that talk about the atrocities of the Islamic State.



Dozens of U.S. Central Command, or CENTCOM, military intelligence analysts have filed a complaint with the Pentagon, alleging their superiors altered their findings on ISIS and the Nusra Front in Syria in order to make the terrorist groups appear weaker than reality – and then sent these watered-down versions on up the commander chain to the White House, to President Obama.

The Daily Beast reported more than 50 analysts were making the complaint. Fox News, meanwhile, previously reported the inspector general with the Defense Department had been alerted a few weeks ago to the claim, and had launched its own investigation.

And though it’s been happening recently, this is nothing new:

Several individuals speaking to the Daily Beast, however, said they actually complained as far back as October their reports were being altered to reflect a weakened ISIS – and specifically, to show the airstrikes against the terrorists in Syria were actually proving successful.
Sounds like another liberal cover up to try an make Obama look stronger.
(Source: WND)