EXPOSED: Here’s The REAL Reason Trump Was Booed At The Last Debate! OMG!

I love how everyone has such guttural reactions to Trump. Especially his response to the boos he received at the debate when he told Jeb Bush to be quiet. Everyone was so quick to judge him.

Now, they all look incredibly foolish because the truth is out.

Here’s the exchange that got the boos from Saturday’s debate.

And here’s the real reason why he got booed:


This just goes to show that everyone should not be so quick to judge. Trump had the cards stacked against him in a huge way in the crowd. So no matter what happened, Jeb supporters would have booed Trump at some point. Just the GOP RINOs trying to make Trump look bad to gain more ground. They are getting desperate, but we know better. Let’s go Trump!

(Sources: YouTube and Twitter)

By Blair Patterson

Blair used to be a devoted Democrat, highly involved in his local and state government. Until one day when he served on a larger, state Democratic campaign and saw the underhanded ways in which they tried to manipulate both the votes and the public. Now, a bastion for the conservative side, Blair wants to bring truth, justice, and the conservative American way to anyone willing to Listen. He lives in Kentucky and is on the board for his town and county planning committee.