Exposed: Here’s The Real Reason Sean Hannity Was Fired – New Report

Conservative Fox News host Sean Hannity has found himself in some hot water, after tapes of his time as a radio host when he was younger have surfaced. The Left is always looking to dig up dirt on people like Hannity, and they’re hoping that the audio they’ve found could spark outrage resulting in another big-time Fox host leaving the network.

As reported at the Daily Mail, while hosting a radio show called the Pursuit of Happiness for the University of California’s radio station KCSB back in 1989, Hannity made comments that cost him his job.

In a tape that was uncovered by The Washington Post, he is heard saying: “Contrary to what we hear in the general media, you can get AIDS from saliva, from tears…They won’t let you say it’s a gay disease.”

He was later heard saying: “Anyone listening to this show that believes homosexuality is just a normal lifestyle has been brainwashed. These disgusting people.”

The comments came right after Hannity had interviewed a prominent anti-gay activist named Gene Antonio, which only made what he said that much more incendiary.

On other tapes, he’s also heard saying: “There’s sort of a brain washing going on if you want my opinion. They’re afraid of the backlash that homosexuals might receive.”

But wasn’t all he said on the issue. Jody-May Chang, the left-wing host of Gay and Lesbian Perspectives, another university show at the time, called in to argue with Hannity while Antonio was on the air with him saying these things.

I have a son, okay? I just gave birth to him about eight weeks ago and I certainly hope he doesn’t grow up to be like you,” she said.

Hannity shot back: “Artificial insemination. Aren’t you married to a woman, by the way?”

When she said that she was, he said: “I feel sorry for your son’ while Antonio chimed in: ‘Turkey baster babies.” He later said gay sex was “tantamount” to playing in a sewer.

Seeing how he was saying this on a radio show sponsored by the most liberal university and area in America, it wasn’t long before Hannity was fired at the request of Chang.

But rather than sit back and take it, Hannity took his case and threatened to sue the university for breaching the First Amendment.

In a transcript of one hearing, Hannity complained: “The station did not like my opinions. I stood for conservative, traditional, loving family values.” Hannity claimed that the only reason he was fired was because he was a conservative, which was and is an ideology that folks at that university and in the region despise and openly discriminate against.

Somewhat surprisingly, Hannity has already come out and backtracked from his old remarks. He described the remarks as “ignorant and embarrassing“, telling that he was “young and stupid” when he made them.

Almost 30 years ago when I was starting out in radio in my 20’s, I interviewed a controversial guest who made several incendiary comments. I was young and stupid with no clue how to do a show. I’m actually very libertarian on social issues and people’s personal lives. “

“I’m now 55 years old and yes I freely admit the comments in my 20’s were ignorant and embarrassing,” Hannity said

Needless to say, the Left is out for blood. But this incident was previously known, so it may not have too great an affect. Regardless, if you’re a conservative you have to watch what you say at all times, otherwise, leftists will use any slip up to destroy you. Meanwhile, they get to do and say whatever they want without a shred of worry.

Source: Daily Mail