EXPOSED: America Is Poorer Than Ever And Obama Spent Money On THIS? WTF?!

We need to share this before the government takes this down!

Obama and the federal government are experts at wasting American taxpayer dollars. Millions are starving in America and Obama is allowing more into the country to reap the benefits of the American system, and he spends our money on quite possibly the most ridiculous things you can possibly imagine.

Sen. John McCain, in a recent interview, showed us his findings from an investigation on wasteful government spending. Here’s what they found.


  • The National Guard is $100 million in debt, and yet spent $14,000 on “bubble balls.” “It was some harebrained idea somebody had,” said McCain.
  • $3.5 million spent on wine tasting. “Shouldn’t the wineries do that themselves, rather than have the government do that?” asked McCain. “This was part of their program to promote wine.”
  • $262 million in mismanaged FEMA grants. “After Hurricane Katrina, billions of dollars have been spent. All Americans have been in favor of that reconstruction of New Orleans and the areas surrounding it. Unfortunately a lot of that money was wasted.”
  • $413 million wasted on building a duplicative State Department training center facility. “They decided that they needed another training center, when the fact is no one else believed they needed it, including the inspector general who said ‘This is totally unnecessary.’”

Sickening. How can you justify these things?! America is in the toilet thanks to Obama and here’s the proof to back it up. Share this everywhere!!!

(Source: WND)