Ex-Muslim Explains To Clueless Liberals Why Islam Will Destroy The Country

The great migration has happened folks. Millions of conservative Muslims have infiltrated the West. Do you know who’s living next door? Because it might be a potential terrorist.

Violence among Muslims is so widespread that they’re willing to admit to it themselves. A video posted to YouTube shows a young Muslim man in Canada angrily describing the ills and horrors associated with importing a large, unruly Muslim population. Gangs. Terrorists. Welfare fraud.

Islam urges its followers to lead a very different lifestyle than what’s practiced in the West. Those who buy into the dogma wholesale would it find it difficult to assimilate into a Western country under the best of circumstances, but the current migrant crisis is so severe that there’s almost no chance that the migrants will be able to blend into society anytime soon.

They aren’t fleeing West because they want to, they’re running in fear. They abandoned their homes, their families, and probably witnessed a fair amount of violence. The migrants are mostly angry, volatile young men with little to no education.

Because they don’t find it easy to make friends within their new culture, Muslim migrants tend to group together. Once that happens their grievances with their lives often prompts them to violence. Islamic gangs are disturbingly common. Islamic Gang members are enrolled in schools alongside Christian and secular students.

The Daily Mail reports that several gang manuals are currently circulating on social media.

“Radicals are encouraged to build pressure cooker bombs, inspired by the horrific Boston Marathon bomb attack. It also lays out advice on cell phone detonators and car bombs. Gang members are encouraged to carry out muggings and acts of credit card fraud to pay for weapons and materials for large scale attacks.

Even police anti-terror tactics are scrutinized, as well as lengthy quotes of guidance from the dead terror leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Dedicated gang members are given plans on how to best board up houses from an impending terror raid, oddly referencing the American comedy film Home Alone as an example of defending your home.”

We’re no longer safe. Terrorists are already living among us.

(Source: Daily Mail)