Even Liberals Can See The One Huge Problem With Chelsea Clinton

It’s pretty normal for a kid to grow up in their parent’s shadow, and, if the parent is successful, try to do what they do. It’s also very common for a kid to think that they’ve got to compensate for parent’s that are a failure in some way. That said, your political affiliation will probably dictate how you view Chelsea Clinton’s reasons for hanging out in the limelight.

The former first daughter just keeps popping up, and it doesn’t even seem like she’s the one trying to do it. The media keeps shoving her at America like she is some kind of genetic wonder child and we are contractually obligated to love her and want her in public office. Even Vanity Fair took notice and was less than flattering toward Clinton.

Via The Blaze:

“Amid investigations into Russian election interference, perhaps we ought to consider whether the Kremlin, to hurt Democrats, helped put Chelsea Clinton on the cover of Variety. Or maybe superstition explains it. Like tribesmen laying out a sacrifice to placate King Kong, news outlets continue to make offerings to the Clinton gods,” Vanity Fair’s T.A. Franks wrote in the column.

“One wishes to calm these publications,” he added. “Nevertheless, they’ve persisted. At great cost: increased Chelsea exposure is tied closely to political despair and, in especially intense cases, the bulk purchasing of MAGA hats.”

If even a liberal publication like Vanity Fair can recognize this, I’m not sure how much harder they can push. I know it’s only smart for her to ride the coattails of her parent’s notary, but even that should tell us where she plans to go. None of her parents’ flagrant indiscretions are keeping the media from fawning all over her, as is evidenced by puff interviews like this one:

Let’s just hope that America can see through this thinly veiled attempted to let ANOTHER Clinton abuse power and shame America.

(Source: The Blaze)