Entire NFL Football Team Starts Feud With Retired Navy Veteran Over Anthem Protests

The New Orleans Saint are engaged in a public brawl with a retired Navy commander. The team planned to honor him during one of their games, and the veteran publicly rejected their offer.

According to the New York Post: “Retired Navy Cmdr. John Wells… was selected by the Saints to receive its Peoples Health Champion Award…”

Wells, however, is an old-fashioned patriot. The Saints have been heavy participators in the NFL’s national anthem protest, and Wells is disgusted by their actions.

“Although I am touched and honored to be selected for such an award, the ongoing controversy with NFL players’ disrespect for the national flag forces me to decline to participate in the presentation,” Wells said in a statement.

“Since this award is tainted with the dishonorable actions of the NFL and its players, I cannot accept it. To do so would be hypocritical.”

Wells’ withering refusal quickly went viral. Protesting athletes probably thought that there wouldn’t be any consequences to their weeks-long hissy fit. They’re worth tens of millions of dollars. Their immaturity is usually excused.

“We respect his decision, he has that right, and we thank him for his service to our country and his past efforts on behalf of the military and veterans,” the Saints replied in a statement.

“Throughout Mr. Wells’ media appearances today, he has stated he no longer supports NFL football… That is unfortunate and disappointing…We will not allow Mr. Wells’ decision and subsequent media appearances to distract our players and organization from continuing to honor and support our military and veterans.”

What started as a bizarre, petulant statement on police brutality and the state of black men in America has morphed into something even stranger: a football team VS a Navy veteran.

(Source: New York Post)