When Hillary’s health became an issue and trending topic in social media, the liberals running the mainstream media dismissed it as nothing but a hoax and conspiracy theory. To them, it was some right-wing plot to devalue her as a candidate…and then the experts chimed in with things called facts and evidence. The media then did what the media does best when faced with the facts – they buried the story, and cancelled his long-standing HLN show.

However, more and more notable professionals are coming out and denouncing the claims that Clinton’s health is nothing to worry about. One in particular is Dr. Drew Pinsky, a board-certified physician and addiction medicine specialist that co-hosts a podcast with Adam Carolla and also has a morning radio show in Los Angeles, on top of being an actual doctor every day.

Pinsky went on the “Midday Live” KABC radio show to discuss Hillary’s failing mental health, citing that she’s getting “1950s standards of care” and had telltale signs of brain damage, from head trauma and pre-existing conditions.

As it turned out, right after the show aired and the article was made available on KABC’s website, it was taken down because of course it was.

This is what you get when you go to the page titled Dr. Drew Speaks Out On Hillary’s Health. It’s a notification saying “Whoops! Page Not Found.”



The mainstream media will stop at nothing to bury this story, but we’ve secured another recording of Dr. Drew’s analysis of Hillary’s health, and it is an absolute revelation and proof that she is not only unfit to lead, but unfit to run for any office.

Here’s a report about HLN (from parent company CNN) canceling his show:


Donald Trump has released his up to date medical records. It’s about damn time Hillary has done the same, to have experts weigh in on what diseases and ailments are making her act so erratically and irrationally. Share this everywhere to prove that the mainstream media CANNOT shut us down!

(Source: YouTube)