Donald Trump Will Whine To Win Against Other Rebublicans

Following a slight controversy with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, Donald Trump seemingly cannot get enough publicity, and the best part is, the public cannot get enough. In a half-hour conversation with Chris Cuomo, Trump touched on nearly every issue that’s a hot button topic, from abortion to immigration and everything in between, including if he’ll be running as an independent candidate.

Trump stated his intentions quite clearly:

I’m running as a Republican, I’m leading in every poll…I’m leading all over the place and I want to run as a Republican. If I am treated fairly that’s the way it’s going to be but I want to keep that door open. I have to keep that door open because if something happens where I’m not treated fairly I may very well use that door.

The Donald also expressed how in a political stalemate with world leaders, he would whine to get his way. Perhaps it’s a bit childish, but will we accept anything less than the bombastic personality that is Trump?

What do you think? Does Trump have his finger on the pulse of the nation’s most pressing issues?

(Source: YouTube)