Donald Trump Will NOT Be In The Next Republican Debate! The Reason? OMG!

We all know Donald Trump to be a person of intense controversy, but this time takes the cake. The Republican front-runner has admitted, with his camp confirming that he will not be participating in the Fox News Republican debate, for a few reasons.

First, Fox News is in the pocket of the Republican party – not the idealist republicans that love the Constitution, but the bought-and-paid-for Republicans that rely on SuperPACs to get votes. They will want to take Trump down any way possible, meaning they’ll likely give all the “gotcha” questions to Trump right off the bat.

Second, his feud with Megyn Kelly has reached a point where it doesn’t make sense for them to work together. It’s obvious that she has an agenda and will push it to certain extremes, so as I understand it, Donald’s simply cutting his losses.

Third, instead of making money for some news channel, Trump will be raising money for Veterans because he, above anyone else, can put his money where his mouth is.
CNN has the video which explains his reasons:

Donald Trump will “definitely” skip Thursday’s GOP debate due to a deepening fight with the Fox News Channel, according to his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

Donald J. Trump says he will “probably” skip the next GOP debate due to a deepening fight with the Fox News Channel.

Posted by CNN Politics on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

(Source: CNN)