Donald Trump Just Threatened To SUE Ted Cruz Over One HUGE Thing! Ted Can’t Dodge This One!

I think we might have an all out brawl by the end of this.

Trump just threw down the GAUNTLET to the GOP elite and Ted Cruz. Speaking about how backward the primary system is, Trump took to his now famous social media accounts to vent his frustration.

Specifically, trump took to twitter to unleash this message.


Of course Trump has caught flak from every angle for “not knowing the rules,” but this bring about a good point. Why, when you win a majority of vote, do you lose? Because of who you know, who you organize, or who you schmooze with? What utter garbage. The voters should have the power here. Hot air outlines the ass backwards nature of this process.

Incidentally, correct me if I’m wrong, political junkies, but since the GOP is a private organization, they could change the rules to cancel all primaries and have Reince Priebus handpick the nominee and there’s nothing legally anyone could do about it.

This is why we need Trump. We need someone who can buck the system and prove to this whole country that there is more to the process than just paying people off.

(Source: Hot Air)