Donald Trump Just DESTROYED Polling Records! You Have To See This To Believe It!

I can’t believe this, but it’s true.

No candidate has ever made up the amount of points Trump has on Ted Cruz in a two week span. Ever. Never ever. Two weeks ago, Fox news released a poll showing that Ted Cruz had a lead in Iowa for the GOP primary. It wasn’t an enormous lead, but it was the first time Trump has been behind in a major poll, this close to the primaries.

However, in just two weeks time, Trump has made up that deficit to the tun of a 15 point swing, something that’s never been seen before this close to a primary.

WP Poll

Notice how every other candidate is trending down, while Trump is trending up.

It’s still a surprising development. Trump’s gained a lot, across the board, while most of his competitors have slipped. Cruz is still over-performing with conservatives and tea partiers (meaning that his support among those groups is 11 and seven points higher than his overall support), but Trump gained 11 and 17 points with those groups over the past two weeks. Cruz’s support among the groups fell.

BOOM! Here we go! We’re so close to our first votes of the presidential season and Trump is kicking some tail.

(Source: Washington Post)