Donald Trump Jr. Came Out Of Nowhere And Smacked Hillary So Hard She Will NEVER Recover

I just don’t know how our parents and grandparents kept up with the news before social media came along. I mean, how did they get their up to the moment updates on the every emotion of their favorite politicians?

Well, thankfully we don’t have to walk 5 miles in the snow, uphill both ways to school, and we don’t have to guess what today’s politician/superstar hybrids are thinking.

Today’s social media battle centers around everybody’s favorite would-be President and her beautiful loss in November.

The Real Donald Trump kicks things off with this, not at all baiting tweet about his former opponent, Hillary Rhodam Clinton:

As IRL, President Trump had some supporters:

Apparently, once you start debating Donald Trump, it’s difficult to stop, because we’re six months into his presidency and Hillary still can’t let comments like this go by:

She, of course, has her loyal followers as well:

But what Hillary forgot is that when you pick a fight with one Donald Trump, you pick a fight with them all.

It’s Donald Jr. to the rescue (the hilarious, and much-deserved rescue).

I think what Don Jr. is trying to say is that a miss is as good as a mile, and Hillary missed becoming President. She can throw all the shade she wants, but that shade is still going to come from somewhere that’s not 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.