Donald Trump Is Meeting With The NRA To Make Sure Mass Shootings NEVER Happen Again

This is why Trump is already a better president that Obama and he’s not even in office yet.

As Obama trumpets his complete and utter BS about “radical Islam” not being a thing, even though we all know it is very much a thing, and how gun are the true problem with mass shootings, even though once again we know that’s garbage, Donald Trump is about to take what might be the biggest step in gun control this country has ever seen. And he’s doing it the CORRECT way.

Instead of what the Liberals want to do (take away all guns), Trump is set to meet with the NRA, you know, those guys who are the utmost authority on guns, to come up with a plan to eradicate the ways for terrorists to get guns in the U.S. This is the single best thing anyone could potentially ever do to combat mass shootings.

Something we should all note, is being championed by Donald Trump, not the Liberal idiots.


Here he is LIVE, talking about what he will do:

You’d think that’d be common sense at this point, but no, it’s not. Thanks to Liberal ad left leaning legislation and their preoccupation with gun control and the physical taking away of guns, any progress on the topic has been stymied for decades. Here’s exactly why this is such a mess to begin with.

What Trump is doing is not only trying to make America great again, he’s trying to make it safe again. Safe for anyone to go into the streets and not fear for their lives about being shot by an Islamic terrorist. Something Obama has failed to do, many times over.

(Source: Twitter and YouTube)