Donald Trump Is DESTROYING Hillary Clinton’s Poll Numbers With No End In Sight!

The latest polls are in, and this election – perhaps the most important one in our generation – is gearing up to be quite close, except for the fact that our man Donald Trump is absolutely obliterating the polls not only against his Republican counterparts, but against his democratic opponents like scandal-rich Hillary Clinton and crazy socialist Bernie Sanders.

According to SurveyUSA,


In an election for President of the United States, today, Labor Day, business provocateur Donald Trump narrowly defeats Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Al Gore, in head-to-head matchups, according to nationwide polling conducted by SurveyUSA.

Today it’s:

* Trump 45%, Clinton 40%. (There is a 20-point Gender Gap; Trump leads by 18 points among seniors.)
* Trump 44%, Sanders 40%. (Trump leads by 10 among independents and by 6 among moderates.)
* Trump 44%, Biden 42%. (Trump leads by 10 among the best educated; Biden leads by 17 among the least educated.)
* Trump 44%, Gore 41%. (Trump leads by 12 among men and by 18 among voters age 50+.)

You can view the entire poll here at SurveyUSA

What does this mean for conservatives? It simply means that we’re not afraid to take this country back from the bleeding heart, ultra-PC, entitled liberals that wish to destroy it and everything we stand for. I’ll be voting for Trump and if you have half a brain, you will as well, if only for the fact that the other choices are simply insane.