Donald Trump EXPOSES Hillary’s Failed Marriage And She Shuts Up On The Spot! OMG!

Oh Hillary. When will you learn that you’re just not going to win.

Donald trump recently called out Hillary Clinton in regards to her marriage. We all know that Bill Clinton is a serial adulterer and can’t keep it in his pants. Now, Trump focused on Hillary calling her an enabler. Which, in my estimation, is 100% accurate. She does nothing and trumpets women’s rights. All while she gets trampled by someone who’s proven to be a known womanizer. The hypocrisy is ripe.

And to further this, Hillary was on CNN last night and when asked about Trump calling her out, she had literally no response. “I have no response. I’m going to let him say whatever he wants to say,” was the best she could come up with to try to wriggle around the issue.

The word denial has never been better defined. What an idiot.

(Source: YouTube)