Donald Trump: Church Shooting Could Not Have Been Stopped By Gun Control

In the wake of the latest mass shooting, it should come as no surprise that the gun-grabbers on the Left have gone into a full court press to politicize the tragedy. They’re hoping that this will be the time they convert their anti-gun propaganda into actual policy, but as always, the public remains skeptical.

Despite the Left’s media control and constant misinformation, the public isn’t nearly as quick to jump on the anti-gun bandwagon as it appears. Not only that, without control of Congress or the White House, there’s little they can do unless the GOP decides to stab its constituency in the back once more. Discussing the tragedy with reporters, Trump signaled that he doesn’t believe gun control is the answer.

As reported at the New York Post, President Trump has responded to all the leftists claiming that stricter gun laws would have prevented the tragedy by bluntly stating the obvious: Tougher gun laws wouldn’t have done a thing to stop the lunatic from caring out his crime. He also said that if not for the heroic, armed citizen, many more lives would have been lost.

Currently on tour in Asia, when asked during a news conference in South Korea whether he would consider “extreme vetting” on guns, Trump was irritated by the question, suggesting it was inappropriate to talk about “in the heart of South Korea.

He then answered by saying: “If you did what you’re suggesting, there would have been no difference three days ago and you might not have had that very brave person who happens to have a gun or a rifle in his trunk.”

Trump said the shooting wasn’t a “guns situation” but a “mental health problem at the highest level.” This is right on the mark, as the whack-jobs past is riddled with violent and unhinged behavior. Mental health is a huge, unaddressed issue that’s played a pivotal role in most of these shootings.

But if the Left wants to pin the blame on lax gun laws for Devin Patrick getting his hands on weaponry, then they should be pointing the finger at the Air Force. Patrick was convicted by a general court-martial on two charges of domestic assault and released from the military on a bad-conduct charge.

Whenever this happens, it means a person can no longer pass background checks to purchase guns. However, for some reason, the Air Force forgot to put his crimes into the national database, so he was able to anyway.

So there you have it. Laws weren’t the problem in this case, assuming they have any bearing, it was the failure of a government institution to do its job and enforce the ones on the books.

Source: New York Post