Donald Jr Ditches Secret Service, Leaves Country Suddenly

Trump’s family has always been in the spotlight to some degree, but his candidacy and now presidency have put them under the microscope like never before. Unlike the families of liberal politicians, the Trump’s have been slandered by the left-wing press constantly.

Targeted with all sorts of hate and vitriol that would never fly if the script was flipped. However, through it all, the family has dealt with the scrutiny with poise and class. On top of the criticism and intense spotlight, being a child of the president can be difficult. So much so, that if you want some alone time, you have to sneak away like a high school kid.

As reported by the New York Post, Donald Trump Jr. supposedly ditched his secret service detail so he could go moose hunting in Canada earlier this month.

According to the New York Times, Trump Jr. traveled to the Yukon Territory for his getaway, leaving on September 14 and returning last Friday after a “good hunt.” His mini vacation came after he asked for his Secret Service protection to be removed, due to concerns about his privacy.

He was able to go on his hunt without the massive entourage of protection he usually travels with, but his detail has since been reactivated now that he’s back to his normal routine in the US.

After he left the country, a New York Times reporter found out about his little escapade and waited for him at a Vancouver airport.

Let’s just say it was a good hunt,” Trump Jr. said about the trip.

President’s grown male children have come under intense fire from the Left over their love of hunting. Supposed environment-loving liberals, who do nothing but talk about nature rather than actually experiencing it, fail to understand the practice and act like it’s barbaric.

But who really cares what leftists think in the first place. Trump’s family should carry on and do whatever they want, not worry about what the liberal press might say about them.

Source: New York Post