Do You Remember That Time Obama Said America Was Founded On Islam? Because We Do.

Barack Obama seemed to think that America was founded with Muslims, as this video has surfaced with him saying ” Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding” during a conference about countering violent extremism.

Let me repeat that.

In a conference about how to combat the very real threat of Muslim extremism, Obama went out of his way to talk about all the great things Islam has to offer The United States of America. Remember, this was the guy who outright refused to say the words “Islamic terrorism.”

I’m not sure what great things he was referring to, but maybe it’s things like Sharia Law, the subjugation of women, and honor killings? Public beheadings perhaps?

it’s clear that Obama and his ilk can’t understand this, but these horrible things don’t belong to offshoots of Islam, they’re part and parcel of the core ideology. You can’t separate Islam from the barbaric deeds of its prophet, and you certainly can’t separate it from its statistically significant violent adherents and sympathizers.

I’m glad this fool is gone.