Disgusting MSNBC Host Accuses Trump Of Wanting Terrorist Attacks To Happen

Once again, MSNBC has proven that they’re using the news to mark time till they get the chance to take another shot at a President that they didn’t want to support. At this point, they’re barely even using actual news a springboard for their constant assault of his character and intentions.

They may have just gone too far though, accusing our Commander in Chief of trying to incite terrorists to attack this country.

Via The Blaze:

In the wake of Saturday’s Islamic terrorist attack in London that left seven people dead and dozens others injured, an MSNBC host on Sunday accused President Donald Trump of attempting to “provoke” a terrorist attack to “prove himself right” about the threat Islamists pose to the United States.

MSNBC host Thomas Roberts made the suggestion on two separate occasions, first during an interview with Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed then during another interview with former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean (D).

In another interview just minutes later, Roberts, this time speaking with Dean, floated the theory again.

First Roberts re-read Trump’s tweet, then he said: “I asked this of Mayor Reed, but it seems like the president is trying to provoke something that he can politicize more for his own gain in America.”

“Do you feel that way?” he asked Dean.

Dean took a few seconds to answer and, just like Reed, avoided the question.

“Well, I think he’s totally incompetent,” Dean, who once served as the head of the Democratic National Committee, replied.

He’s obviously trying desperately to bait someone into agreeing with him so that he can pin his slanderous theory on someone else, because to be honest, who want’s to believe this guy. He just needs a little political molehill that he can make into a mountain.

It seems like these anchors are forgetting that their job is to report the news, not push political propaganda. They seem to spend so much time trying to figure out how to crucify the President’s character that they’re forgetting to actually listen to what their expert guests actually feel like they’re an expert on.

(Source: The Blaze)