Did The Secret Service Admit That Barack Obama Is A Radical Muslim?

Americans are always a little more at ease whenever someone from their party is in the White House. The constant struggle against the opposing party to try and pass their legislation is tiring and tends to make for some rather aggressive disputes.

But just in case you weren’t properly grateful for President Trump being the new occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, let’s take a look back at the gem that we had in President Barack Hussein Obama. Not only was he very reluctant to hand over his proof of birth in the United States, he was rumored to be a member of the Muslim faith.

Many believe that was far more than a rumor.

There’s always the chance that Jones is lying. However, if he just wanted dirt on Obama, that is plentiful, with no need for lying. There’s also the chance that the Secret Service members just hate their job so much that they were willing to lie about the leader of the free world.

However, it doesn’t really make sense from a career perspective to be lying about your bosses’ secrets for no good reason. The logical reason for telling things like this would be because they felt the information needed to go out to the American people.

Maybe you need to hear it from the politician’s mouth.

I freely admit that I’ve got no inside information, I’m just gathering up the free information on the world wide web and presenting it to you to make a decision for yourself. However, that looked like quite the Freudian slip to me. I don’t know if we should be more glad that he is out of office or that he didn’t do more damage while he was in.

The nation will have a long road to recovery to fix all the messes that Barry made for us, and it’s debatable whether they were done out of malice or just stupidity.

But either way the damage is done, and we should consider this a cautionary tale to not let ourselves be convinced to do anything this stupid, ever again.