DeVos Just Took A Sledgehammer To Obama’s Legacy With 1 Massive Change

Obama’s bad ideas are being systematically purged. The Trump administration is using common sense to slash away at the ex-president’s pet projects. Much-maligned Education Secretary Betsy DeVos just demolished Obama’s legacy.

Liberals can’t stand DeVos because she’s an unabashed “one percenter” who doesn’t conform to their wants. The wildly leftist Teachers Unions have a stranglehold on the American education system, and they’re enraged because they know that DeVos won’t truckle to their demands.

“I couldn’t believe it when I read it, but you have to admire their candor. They’ve made it clear that they care more about a system, one created in the 1800s, than they do about individual students,” DeVos complained of the unions in July.

Instead of backing down, DeVos just upped her attack. Friday morning she announced that she was dismantling an Obama-era campus sexual assault policy that was notoriously difficult for schools to follow and resulted in innocent people being persecuted like criminals.

“This interim guidance will help schools as they work to combat sexual misconduct and will treat all students fairly,” DeVos said in a statement.

“Schools must continue to confront these horrific crimes and behaviors head-on. There will be no more sweeping them under the rug. But the process also must be fair and impartial, giving everyone more confidence in its outcomes.”

The Obama standard required schools to do their investigation in tandem with the criminal investigation undertaken by the police, and drastically lowered the standard to prove guilt. Instead of guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, students accused of sexual assault only had to be determined “more likely than not” guilty. For he-said, she-said cases, that standard can be devastating.

Obama’s policy was badly implemented. Still, it’s a bold move for DeVos to dismantle. The left is already pitching a fit.

(Source: Fox News, Washington Post)