Democrats In Congress Interrupted A Moment Of Silence For Orlando, Republicans KNOCKED Them The HELL OUT!!

This is how low the Democrats will go to get exactly what they want and make America less safe.

After the Orlando Shooting, the House of Representatives had a moment of silence for those slain by the Muslim gunman that ran into a gay night club and murdered 49 Americans. The moment of silence was then abruptly halted by Democrats yelling and screaming to get their own way. This is a typical Democrat tactic that’s been seen during Trump rallies from both Hillary and Bernie Supporters.

Now it seems this sick and brutish way of attempting to force one’s views on others has reached the house floor. Watch below as the Dems chant and scream at Speaker Paul Ryan when they want more gun control.


One Democrat even went as far as to protest the moment of silence. Listen to this sicko.


A moment of silence is a tradition honoring those slain. This guy just didn’t get that. he equated the silence to the government being silent on the issue of gun control, which is pretty much the most nut bag misinterpretation I’ve ever heard.

Naturally, Republicans were livid and went nuts on Twitter calling them “classless” and “hypocrites.”


The icing on this cake of bull**** was  Democratic Representative Seth Moulton’s words and complete lack of respect for murdered Americans.

You’re 100% wrong Seth, so much so I won’t even call you a representative of this nation. Seth, your words are probably the most misguided I’ve ever heard after a national tragedy. The silence was in respect to those who died, not about gun reform. Gun reform won’t stop insane people from killing. Take away guns, they will use cars. Take away cars, they will use knives. And so on until these cowards are using their bare hands. Fact is, no matter what you do, an insane person will always find a way to murder innocent people.

This is something that will go on until the election now. We must stand strong and have our voices heard! Guns are not the problem. Both Trump and us know the true issue at hand.

If you think guns aren’t the problem in America, share this post with everyone you know. We must stand against the Democrat charge to disarm America. When there are no guns, no one is safe.

(Source: Bizpac Review)