Democrats CAUGHT Faking THOUSANDS Of Votes, Hillary’s Campaign Went DOWN THE DRAIN

As if this election needed another scandal, a juicy bit of news has popped up and has hastily been buried by the mainstream press. However, seeing as how we’re the furthest thing from the liberal media, we’ll fill you in.

Across the country, Democratic politicians have been stealing votes, and not by the usual lying to their constituency and hoping that no one calls them out on it. No, these are actual counts of voter fraud that range from paying people money for their votes to forging signatures of dead people.

It’s absolutely despicable and only a product of a failing party – the same party that colluded with Barack Obama and currently, colluding with Hillary Clinton to make sure she’s the next President.

In a Fox News segment of Sunday Morning Futures, Maria Bartiromo goes over the very real and very dangerous practices of countless Democratic politicians. Remember, these are the people backing the lying shrew known as Hillary Clinton, and they will stop at nothing to make sure America is nothing more than a failed state.

Democrats are literally stealing votes from the American people, while calling Trump a racist for suggesting that people require ID to prove that they are who they say they are, to elect politicians to office. If this doesn’t smell fishy to you, you need your head examined.

If voters require proper ID to cast a ballot, that will mean that Hillary will stand no chance, as she’s pulling in weak numbers for her rallies, she’s employing people who will lie for her, and her poll numbers are losing their punch, fast. Let’s expose these political crooks for what they are, share this story with every American.

(Source: YouTube)