Democratic Party Worried SICK Over What Neil Gorsuch May Do Next

Democrats should be worried. Slowly but surely the Trump administration is dismantling their political bulwarks. The latest assault is aimed labor unions.

Previously the Supreme Court couldn’t reach an agreement regarding workers’ rights as they relate to unions. Conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch is now on the bench, however. The deadlock could die with his vote.

Unions want all workers to be forced to pay dues whether they want to or not. A 1979 high court ruled labor groups could extract dues from workers as a condition of employment. Non-union members have to fork over their money just like members do.

Revoking power from the unions could have a negative effect on the Democratic party. Gorsuch’s confirmation gave conservatives a Supreme Court majority. When the case is decided on again, it probably won’t be a deadlock.

According to Fox News: “The Illinois case involves… a state employee who says Illinois law violates his free speech rights by requiring him to pay fees subsidizing a union he doesn’t support… About half the states have similar laws covering so-called ‘fair share’ fees that cover bargaining costs for non-members.

Union membership has dropped off precipitously in recent years. Just over 10% of American workers were members in 2016. If the Supreme Court revokes their ability to collect money from unwilling employees, it could imperil the future of labor unions in America.

(Source: Fox News)