Dallas Police Chief’s Response To Violence Will Piss Off Every Police Protester.

This is exactly how to respond to senseless acts of violence. This is exactly how to respond to ignorant hate groups. This is exactly what America needs more of.

The Dallas ambush style attacks on innocent police officers was cowardly and done by those who think that the police are the problem. Not only is this statement and mentality dangerous and breeding ignorance, but it’s also statistically inaccurate and wrong. Here’s a short video illustrating exactly what I mean.

In response to this, Dallas Police Chief David Brown has been on TV numerous times answering questions about his own police force as well as police forces across the country. His response to those who caused the unthinkable bloodshed is one of the greatest things I’ve ever heard in the wake of a tragedy. Seriously, everyone in this entire country needs to see this.


Dallas Police Chief David Brown implored young black men to become part of the solution if they’re upset about police officers’ actions in their communities.

He was asked during a press conference this afternoon what he would tell young black men, including those who have joined protests against police around the country.

“Become a part of the solution. Serve your community. Don’t be a part of the problem. We’re hiring,” he said.

“Get out of that protest line and put an application in and we’ll put you in your neighborhood and we’ll help you resolve some of the problems you’re protesting about.”

He even shared a personal story about seeing drug abuse first hand and having that motivate him to make a difference in this world.


If Trump’s still looking for a running mate, this guy might be a great call. This is EXACTLY what young black men, AND women, should be doing. Instead of complaining and becoming a larger problem and blaming society for your own problems, pull yourselves up! Become officers of the law and help rid the country of this ignorance and stupidity.

(Sources: Fox News and Facebook)