Criminals LOVE Obama More Than Ever – The Reason Why Will Make Your Blood Boil!

President Obama thinks he can just rule with an iron fist, doesn’t he? He just released 46 prisoners who were in jail for drug offenses. He granted them clemency and now they are free to roam our streets – statistically putting people at risk because of the high recidivism rate for drug traffickers.

I cannot believe what I am seeing. Here’s the video of his explanation.

BREAKING: President Obama just granted clemency to 46 men and women whose sentences didn’t fit their crimes. Nearly all…

Posted by The White House onĀ Monday, July 13, 2015

Outrageous! What next? Release of convicted murders? The drugs they were selling weren’t legalized – Obama may have simply felt that career criminals are upstanding people. This is why I pray for our men and women in law enforcement that will have to clean up this huge mess.

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(H/T to Upworthy)