Cops Catch Muslim Terrorist Moments Before An Attack, Prove That Trump is 100% RIGHT

Beware. There might be terrorists in your neighborhood. New details in the case of the Ohio Muslim charged with planning a massive attack on U.S. soil were released this week.

Two years ago Abdirahman Sheik Mohamud was charged with supporting terrorism and lying to the FBI. The Somalian immigrant spent years scheming how to undermine America. Mohamud was so dedicated to Islam that he traveled to Syria as a volunteer militant. There, he was fine-tuned into a lethal killer.

Who knows how many people might have died if Mohamud hadn’t been captured? Court records indicate that he was utterly remorseless. During the investigation, he told undercover agents that he wanted to do something “big.”

World Net Daily reports that: “Mohamud came to the United States from Somalia when he was 2 years old. He provided material support from the U.S. to his brother fighting in Syria in 2013. After becoming a naturalized citizen in 2014, he applied for a U.S. passport and bought a one-way ticket to Athens, Greece, with a layover in Istanbul, Turkey. When he arrived in Istanbul, he traveled instead to Syria and joined the al-Nusrah Front, with the help of his brother…Mohamud trained with weapons and engaged in combat.”

Barack Obama’s pro-Islam agenda allowed thousands, perhaps millions, of potential monsters into the U.S. Un-vetted Muslim adults are a dangerous population. We’re at war with huge swaths of the Muslim world. Jihadists openly boast of their desire to murder Americans.

Interest in Mohamud’s case revived as President Trump’s highly anticipated travel ban went into effect.

“The Justice Department said he(Mohamud) recruited several U.S.-based people…before being questioned by the FBI. Members of Minneapolis’ Muslim community, Jihad Watch noted in May, previously reported that CAIR’s Minnesota branch openly discouraged Muslims from cooperating with an FBI probe into the disappearance of several Somali-Americans youths.”

(Source: World Net Daily)