Conservative Radio Host Gets On RNC Stage And Utterly DESTROYS Hillary On LIVE TV!

Hillary Clinton is a person of interest to the Republicans, because she perfectly personifies everything that’s wrong with the political system. She’s a master manipulator, compulsive liar, and she supports policies that would fundamentally change the fabric of our society, unraveling it at its very core.

Clinton makes herself out to be the champion of women’s rights, when she’s taken so many donations from countries that have Sharia Law that it’s a wonder she doesn’t pray to Mecca five times a day, and as we know, countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar are about as free for women as a slaughterhouse is to a cow.

Thankfully, we have conservative pundit and radio host Laura Ingraham to set Clinton straight. Scratch that, I’m not sure Clinton can ever be set straight – Ingraham does what she knows best, and that’s utterly destroys her entire platform, brick by brick.

I can’t stop cheering, and after you hear Ingraham’s testify to real Americans, you won’t be able to either. Watch this and share to your heart’s content:

and BOOM goes the dynamite! We’re with you, Laura!