Congress Democrats Tried To Take Guns Away? Republicans Said OVER MY DEAD BODY!

With all the talk about gun control in this country and how bad guns are, this is a MASSIVE win for us gun owners and those that are responsible with our guns.

The left has said time and time again that we need more gun control, failing to realize that gun control stops nothing. Look at the Paris terror attacks late last year. Paris has some of the most strict gun control policies on the planet and it did absolutely nothing. The GOP, as messed up as it is sometimes, realizes that.

And in an attempt to continue their wisdom on this topic, just completely, utterly, and brutally shut down all Liberal and Democratic gun bills. This is awesome and a HUGE wins for America and the safety of Americans!

Boom, boom, boom, boom — that’s what it sounded like in the Senate this Monday when the Senate successfully voted down four separate gun-control measures, two of them proposed by Democrats.

Included among the failed measures was one pushed by Democrats that would have established a universal background check system to cover all gun transactions, including those made at gun shows or online through the Internet. This one failed with a 44-56 vote, with most GOP senators voting against it, according to Politico.

The second proposal by Democrats stipulated that the Department of Justice could block the sale of firearms to anyone suspected of holding ties to terrorist organization. This one failed with a 47-53 vote, with most Republicans again standing in opposition.

Yes!!! This is the GOP we know and love.

Before anyone starts to scream “Republican obstructionism,” however, they ought to keep to keep in mind that Democrats voted in the exact same manner, but against the measures pushed by Republicans.

One of them, written by Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley, would have proffered more resources to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System and modified the definition of who is banned from owning a firearm due to mental health issues. It was rejected with a 47-53 vote.

Likewise, a plan by Sen. John Cornyn to halt the sales of firearms if and when authorities were able to demonstrate probable cause that the suspect desired to commit a terrorist attack also failed — also with a 47-53 vote.

So not only do Republicans shut down Democrats, but Democrats prove they don’t care about the safety of Americans by not voting yes to better identifying a terrorist on the list or someone with mental health. These background checks would keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill and terrorists, but the Democrats think the guns are the problem.

Typical. Either way, Republicans scored huge wins for us, no matter what the Democrats think.

(Source: Conservative Tribune)