Condi Rice Just Made The Trump Haters On The View Choke On Their Own Lies

Liberal supposedly love women in power. In fact, the political platform would lead one to believe that they run a close second only to minorities in power. This should mean that former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is the holy grail for liberals and feminists everywhere.

And then she goes and does something like this. I think everyone keeps holding their breath, waiting for Rice to some day break out in a chant about black power and how she’s ready to stick it to “the man.” At this point, I think the left would even take some “woman power” declaration from her, but all they ever get is a level headed tribute to reason and an upholding of some conservative tenant.

Such was the case when the ladies on The View tried to corner her into saying that the election was rigged.

But don’t you see Condi, when people don’t vote your way, they can no longer be trusted! Ok, so they didn’t say that, but you could almost hear it being telepathically shouted from the two older and wiser hosts (who shall remain nameless) over on the left.

What former Secretary Rice is saying here is that while an attempt at tampering may have been made by Putin, or anyone else, it wasn’t successful enough to question the integrity of the votes that were cast. This is coming from someone who was no great Trump supporter in the primaries. She even went so far as to come out against President Trump when he was a candidate, and if she believes he won fair and square, we probably should too.

The difference between how she’s acting now and how the liberals are acting toward a candidate that they didn’t support, is that Rice understands that the will of the people is the right thing, whether you agree with it or not.

Sorry liberals, the only word that Rice will be sending to your mother is that Trump won, and we all need to get over it.

(Source: Red State Watcher)